Frequently Asked Questions

Do I need a driver for a procedure?

You do need to bring a driver with you for all procedures. This is done for your safety as you can have numbness and/or weakness from the local anesthetic after your injection. This can cause impairment in your driving.

Do I need to be off my blood thinners?

You do need to be off your blood thinner for most procedures. Please refer to our patient instruction page for complete details.

What activities can I do the day of the procedure?

You need to avoid driving or operating heavy machinery. After most injections we encourage patients to take it easy and rest, as they can be sore after the injection. If you have facet injections you need to be follow your discharge instructions to be active after the injection.

Where are we located?

We are located in Stormont-Vail on the ground floor, southeast corner. Please see our location page for a map and directions.

Can I eat?

You can eat prior to any procedures.

Can I take my medicines?

You can take all of your medications prior to your appointment except blood thinners.

How many injections can I have?

This depends on your response to the injections. Typically we try to limit the number of injections to 3-4 a year to limit the dose of steroids that you are receiving.

Is it going to hurt?

All of our injections are done with X-Ray guidance, which helps us target the area without doing the procedure “blindly”. The worst part of all our injections is the lidocaine that is used to numb the skin. It has a sting and a burn that lasts between 5-10 seconds. Your pain level for the rest of the procedure will vary depending on the underlying cause of your pain.